Donner-Reed Museum, Grantsville

Donner-Reed Museum
The Donner-Reed Museum in Grantsville is filled with artifacts from the Donner Party’s nearly fatal crossing of the Great Salt Lake Desert while en route to California in 1846.

The emigrant group thought it would take only a day to cross the desert, but instead it took three. With water supplies depleted and oxen crazed with thirst, the party tossed possessions onto the desert to lighten their wagons. Featured items include furnishings, clothing, tack and more. The museum also displays artifacts from local Native Americans and pioneers who settled the Grantsville area.

The Donner Reed Museum is now being operated by the Son’s of the Utah Pioneers. To schedule a tour contact the Son’s of the Utah Pioneers at (435) 884-3259. We would like to thank Claude Parkinson for his years of hard work and dedication in providing informative tours.

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How to get there: Take SR-138 or 112 into Grantsville. Follow Main Street to Cooley Street in the center of town and turn north. The museum is one block north of Main Street on the corner of Cooley and Clark Streets.