Rachel Pettit, Local Artist

RachelShortHairI’ve lived in Tooele for almost 5 years, my first home in Utah. I was first struck by all the beauty that surrounded me. Artistic inspiration everywhere! The Oquirrh and Stansbury Mountains and the Great Salt Lake can be easily viewed without any buildings obstructing the views. For a landscape artist, that’s very desirable. The weather is nice and sunny and often perfect for plein air painting (painting outdoors, from life). Some of my artist friends and I occasionally get together to go out and paint our local scenes.

I also love to hike and photograph all the unique characteristics of the different canyons. It’s easy to get around and take care of business too. Everything is close to home so I can ship paintings and do other business locally.

The pace is slower than a large metro area, and that fits my lifestyle perfectly. So if you see me out there on the side of the road with my easel set up, you’ll know I’m trying to capture the essence of what makes Tooele Valley such a beautiful place to live.

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Rachel is a member of the Stansbury Art & Literary Society.

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Rachel Pettit has over 25 years experience painting landscape and is most inspired when oil painting ‘en plein air’ (painting outdoors, from life). This method captures the spirit of a fleeting scene with expressive brushwork and spontaneity. She studies the works of contemporary and classic masters, but considers her constant dedication to painting to be the most important element of her artistic development.

Rachel’s impressionistic paintings have been juried into numerous regional, national, and international exhibitions, and are included in collections throughout the United States. She has achieved signature membership status in Oil Painters of America and American Impressionist Society, and presently resides with her husband in Tooele, Utah.

Read more about Rachel Pettit and her work at www.rachelpettit.com

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